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The Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is a 1992 Delica GLX that has tasteful upgrades for offroad use. These include fog lights, winch, lift and larger tires. All give this 2.4L gas powered, manual transmission van the extra touches for getting off the beaten path.  It has full Hi/Low 4WD as well as 2WD. It has 65,000 miles, a new timing belt and water pump replacement, new gaskets and a new radiator. It has been converted to US battery, had a  full 30/60/90 service and  a 100 point inspection completed. 

The Spaceship

Is a 1990 Toyota Town Ace Hi top pop up Camper. 2C 1.8L Diesel engine with 51,780 miles. Push button 4WD with manual locking hubs, 4Hi/Lo, 5 speed manual column shift, Right hand drive. Engel electric fridge, fresh/grey water tanks, indoor and outdoor sinks, Instamatic 3000 awning, diesel bunk heater with timer and temp settings, lockable rear storage box, deep cycle 2nd battery. 

30/60/90 service has been done, timing belt and exhaust manifold replaced, conversion of cooling system to US/R134 and had a 100 point inspection completed. It's ready for all your adventures. 

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