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Is it legal to drive a right hand drive vehicle?

Yes, it is legal to drive, title and insure these in all 50 states. Driving a right hand drive is not hard and most people adjust very quickly.

Will my mechanic be able to work on these vehicles?

Yes any shop can service Delicas, especially if they have any experience with Mitsubishis. You are not required a have a special mechanic to service the vehicle. For Diesel Delicas, we recommend any mechanic that works with diesel vehicles. The same things apply with the Toyotas we import.

Can you find me a custom vehicle?

Yes, if we do not have one in stock that fits the bill we can look for a specific vehicle to meet your desires.

Are the vehicles ready to go when I buy one?

 All of our vehicles go through a 100 point inspection and we do all of the repairs to make sure the vehicle are ready to go once bought. 

How many types of vehicles do you import?

We bring in a range of specialty adventure vehicles including Mitsubishis, Toyotas and more.